About Us

Who We Are

We are an online Personal Training and Nutrition company based in the Washington DC metro area. We personalize in all types of training, from athletic/condition training to fat loss and/or weight gaining.

What We Do

We market to the vast audience via social media marketing, direct marketing, to having face-to-face communications, to using technology to communicate wherever we need to via video chats. We open a channel of personal communication to create flexibility and comfortability to clientele and their fitness goals.

Where We Are Going

Opening the market to help revolutionize the way personal training and nutrition is done, is only beginning in the DC Metropolitan areas. Our goal is to aim for the vast majority of personal trainers, nutritionists and clientele trying to change lives worldwide, through personal customer interaction and the quality of our staff.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain an outstanding level of excellence and the highest levels of integrity throughout our company and the clients we work with. We will continue to grow and expand throughout the world until we've made a positive impact and changed the lives of millions of people. Our goal is to help make the fitness industry more efficient and cost-effective for both the trainer and the customer.

We value work ethic, opportunity, integrity and the people. Our company can only stand as strong as the ones we work with, without them, we are nothing. Vision Fitness is Fitness with a Vision, a goal, an understanding, and the clarity to see the finish line.

"Success requires a mindset and vision in order to achieve it. Once you have that vision, you'll realize everything you do works towards that vision, and ultimately, your success" - Marcus Gonzales